Desires are natural to humans but following some desires  that come to the mind can be harmful.  Humans has desires for things, social status, money, power which are not necessary for our happiness. Many of  the desires  that we  experience inherited from our ancestors and became part of our nature but still they are within our control.

Taking control of your desires will help you to stop the train of desires before it leaves the station and builds a full head of steam. With practice you will be able to choose wisely between what can cause short-term gratification versus something for your  long-term benefit. Not all desires are harmful. Some of them are very much the opposite, like  desire to learn important skill, be more healthy and knowledgeable.

Another important mind framing of Stoics is not desiring things outside of your control to be different but  rather  be congruent with nature and unfolding events. Wishing them to be different creates unnecessary stress and anxiety.

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