Fear is gravity, always telling you to take the easier path, and always downhill. Walk uphill: It is the door into awe and freedom. "

One of  the Boldest person in human history Nelson Mandela could have been talking to you and me directly when he said:

"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

Her certainly made his choices  not out of fears.

So what people fear?

Most common fears are: fear of unknown, fear of failure, fear that something will go out of plan, fear of judgement, fear of discomfort, fear of public speaking, fear of darkness, fear of flying and even fear of success, and that’s not all..

Perhaps the biggest one is fear of death.

People are full of fears. It locks us in the cage.  But quite possible that everything great lies on the other side of  the fear.

So what is fear?

Fear  is a deeply wired reaction to protect us against perceived threat. The word «perceived» threat is very important as not everything that you fear is really dangerous if you look at it rationally.

Certain situations or even a thought about such situation can ignite a chain of reactions in your brain and you may find yourself in the fight-or-flight response.

Many studies suggests that  how we experience fear depends on the context we are giving to the situation.

As an example if you face a lion in the jungle it will trigger strong reaction of fear, but to see the same lion in the zoo cage will evoke curiosity. This is because context  defines brain reaction.

Fear is giving you a messages  and the real art is to read these messages properly and act upon them.

It might say- it’s to dangerous for your life

Or  perhaps better be prepared for that next big challenge

Or often times it indicates the right direction for your personal growth

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