A Zen master was serving tea to himself and his student, when the apprentice asked him a question: "Master, what shall I do when I try to meditate and don't succeed?”

The master remained unmoved and continued pouring the tea. He suddenly turned to the student and told him to try to lift the cup of tea he had just poured. The student looked a bit puzzled but proceeded to do as the Zen master asked and lifted the cup of tea. The Zen master looked at him and admonished again, "I want you to try to lift the cup of tea.”

The Zen student, looking even more puzzled than he was before, proceeded to pick-up the cup of tea once again. The Zen master said, "I asked you to try to lift that cup of tea. So why do you lift it?" The meditation student was baffled...
"I either lift the cup or I don't lift the cup. How can I try to lift the cup? Such an action doesn't exist. It would be impossible!"
"Exactly!" exclaimed the Zen master.

The Zen master was pointing out that just as there is no try when it comes to lifting a cup of tea there is no try when it comes to meditation or any other action we say we want.

We either do it, or we don’t. The reality of it, is that there is no in-between.
Yet, the mind proceeds to deal with that twilight zone in-between calling it 'trying'. An ephemeral 'reality' has been introduced by the mind.

What about in your own life...
Are you trying to change your life for the better; or are you actually doing it?
Are you picking up the cup (however clumsily or unskillfully) or
are you trying to pick up the cup?
How committed are you to the life changes you say you want to make? Sure, the mind will play its tricks.
Don't allow it to bring regret into the mix.

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