"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world"


I heard this quote when I was at school but did not pay attention and nobody explained how you can apply it in real life.

Only recently rediscovered this mental model and stumbled upon it as one of the best tools everyone should have in their toolbox.

The more leverage you have the bigger is the outcome that you can achieve.

Imagine two people at point A aiming to get to point B with treasure. If they use the same conditions they likely to end up at the treasure at the same time. No one has an advantage.

But if one man decides to use leverage and drives a car instead of walking then he will get faster.

His car in this case will be his leverage.

Leverage in most contexts refers to increasing your output/input ratio.

Highest leverage is when you achieve  significant output with minimum input.

Input is usually time, money or energy. It can be a combination of them.

Output is the outcome you desire. It could be income, impact, eyeballs… you get the point.

People overtime learned how to leverage  sun energy, wind, water, technology  and many other things that   has helped humanity to make a progress in the duration  and quality of life.

Let's explore some  examples of leverage:

Audience leverage:

Celebrities have a personal brand and a big fan following that allows them to advertise brands in exchange for money. They post a picture on Instagram and get paid for it. Minimal effort with maximum results.

Look at Elon Musk. He has millions in following, he is well recognized and it gives him huge opportunity to build new companies, make pre-sales and influence people opinion.  His tweets drives Bitcoin and Dogecoin prices  up and down.

It's fascinating to see him influencing so many people.

Location leverage

A Restaurant in a tourist place has the leverage to get hungry crowd easily as their customers. You don't need to spend time on the advertisement. There is clear location leverage.

Reputation leverage

If you are a credible expert in the field and have done good work for someone they will think about you next time for the same type of service or recommend you to a friend who needs it.

Word of mouth is the best marketing. Doesn't need any investment.

If you have a good reputation in the company it is leverage. Your ideas and decisions are more likely to be accepted. Your promotion is also likelier to happen.

Bestseller leverage

If you wrote a NY bestselling book that's the leverage that you can use in your credentials and attract customers for speaking engagement and online courses.

Knowledge leverage

Your very specific knowledge and skillset can be also leverage. Everyone knows now how to use a computer but only a few can repair a car or a computer.

There are many areas where knowledge or skillset is highly valued because not many people can do it.

Network leverage

You know someone who knows someone who can be interested to collaborate with you on the project. Leverage it.

My mother works in the hospital and she got connected to many doctors on daily basis. She used it to easily and quickly get doctors' consultation for the whole family, relatives, friends and neighbours, and a bunch of other people.

Price leverage

You have found a way to produce your product very cheaply.

It gives you leverage over competitors. China was dominant and still is for cheap labor. They leveraged it to boost employment and economy growth.

The downside often was the quality of the product but it has improved significantly over time.

That's all sounds good but where do you get leverage if you don't have it?

Before you leverage your leverage you have to build that leverage and find how to apply it best.

The input/output ratio is not always favourable, especially at the beginning. When you start new project you invest more energy, time and money  than what you get in return but if you are doing the right thing in a right way the ratio will gradually change.

Find something that in the long term can bring you the most result. Be strategic.

Start building your reputation in this place.

Expand your knowledge. Make it visible.

Create mini leverages and test how it works.

If you want to expand your network and audience Twitter can be a great place to do it.

Don’t treat relationships as transactions. Be generous in helping people without expectation.

If you want to build an audience and connections then Twitter could be a good place.

It is free and all you need is to put some effort into daily tweets and engage with other people.

Find a specific topic that interests you and package it in a way that will be interesting and useful  to them.

It will also help you refine your thinking. You can condense 1-2 thoughts only in one tweet.

As your leverage grows with Twitter's following you can test some ideas of a new product that you want to develop.

The same can be applied to TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, and other social networks. Every one of them has specific nuances and strategies to apply.

Other different leverages that you have but might not appreciate:

Free time → don't waste it. Leverage it into something that can increase your leverage and bring even more free time later. Invest time now to spend it later.

Good health → leverage it. Don't waste it. Our health is getting worse as we age, preserve as much as you can.

Existing networks → leverage it and expand the network. You never know what opportunity might come out of new people you meet.

Access to the internet → leverage it. Consume mindfully what builds more leverage.

You have kids → leverage it to feel younger, play with them, learn by teaching them and also learn from them.

And your biggest leverage is your mind. Everything comes from it. Every idea, decision, action, and feeling. Use it wisely.

As you can see there is a lot of leverage around that you might not appreciate.


Make a list of all leverage that are already available to you.

Ask yourself:

  • How I  can leverage it to the best of its potential?
  • What new leverage I might need to build and grow?
  • What results I expect to achieve with this leverage?

Ultimately start leveraging. Be intentional with your input.


  • Leverage is one of the most powerful mental models. It's a force multiplier
  • Once you learn it, it's hard to ignore.
  • Be strategic. Build and invest in your leverage.
  • Once you have it you need minimal effort to achieve big results