It’s pretty easy.

In fact, the majority of people do them without realising it on daily basis.But in case you still wonder how to make a damn bad decision here is a recipe:

Get emotional. Emotions for a bad decision are like water for a soup. Get angry, get upset, or get super excited with a dopamine rush.

Think short-term. Why bother what happens after 1 week, 1 month, and even 1 year? Who cares. Live in the moment. If there is a gain in the short-term, then decide.

Seek pleasure. If you don’t get any pleasure from the result of your decision then why to decide? The damn bad decision should be about pleasure.

Avoid difficult decisions. If the decision is difficult then it is a clear sign you shouldn’t do it. Or you can help make it easy by following the first step - get emotional.

Be guided by your ego. Your ego is your compass in making bad decisions. Always shows the right direction.

Get blinded to the facts. Just ignore them. It’s very easy.

Ignore second-order consequences. Something is likely to happen as a chain of reaction after you make a bad decision. Don’t even think about it. Maybe your bad decision will lead to another bad decision. This will be really cool.

I almost did a damn bad decision recently when I was looking for a house to buy. Shiny picture of a beautiful house in on the advertisement kicked dopamine in my brain and I said to my wife: that’s the one to buy. Let’s go a buy it. I called the seller and we visited the house the next day. It was pretty good but something felt wrong.The garden was too big. This would mean either a lot of family work to take care of it or a lot of spend to hire someone taking care of it. That was not the plan. Glad we thought through second-order consequences, I cooled down my mind and decided not to buy. My wife played an important role to counterbalance my initial desire.

I know my advice might look odd to read but if you want to make damn good decision simply do the opposite of what I mentioned above.

Learn mental models and practice to apply them.