Dickie impressed me with his attitute, thought process, mindset and what he has already accomplished at the age of 25.

His leadership behaviour is obvious and the 🔥 he started with Ship30for30 writing challenge.

Let's get to know his attitude and mind work:

How would you describe your mindset?
Aggressively patient
Long term vision and patience while executing relentlessly in the short term

Is it natural to you or you consciously put an effort and train yourself as you go?
It’s something that I’v developed.
Everything great takes time. But everything great is the result of small things done consistently.

What has changed in you and hasn't in the last 5 years?
Haha, I lost 100lb in last 3 years. Graduated college 3 years ago.
Interests have changed, less into sports than I was. More into learning and building.

Did you find college useful?
Very useful.  Social skills, structured learning  environment.

What is your favourite failure and why?
I wanted to be named All-Ivy my senior year of football. Played well but missed by a few votes. Learned that the difference between achievement and failure can be razor thin. Everything you do matters.

How do you deal with challenges?
The best I can. Everything is an opportunity.

What seems like a play for you but work for many others?
Everything I'm doing. I work ~16 hours per day pretty much every day.

4 -5 months ago did you envision Ship30to30 where it is now?
Absolutely not. My goal was to get 10 sign ups per month, we have now 671 in 4 month.🤯

Does the growth feels uncomfortable for you?
Not uncomfortable but definitely a lot easy to get caught up in the day to day.

What is your favourite Twitter account that you follow?

Where do you place your bets in next 5 years?
On myself. I want as much ownership as possible.

Finish the sentence: It all comes down to…

In your tweet related to your 25th birthday, you mentioned that you want to experience failure publicly. Can you explain why?

Because I think  it will be more painful than most other failures I've had. Which means I get to learn more.

My key takeaways from interview with Dickie:

  1. Bet on yourself
  2. Play long-term games
  3. Be aggresively patient
  4. Everything you do matters
  5. Everything is an opportunity
  6. More pain = more learning
  7. It all comes down to consistency