Some  facts about Jack:

  • Jack grew his Twitter account to >100k and  Instagram > 200k in roughly 1 year
  • Earned  1 mln $ in 2020   and build strong community
  • In 2021 he caught the wave of NFT trend and successful in selling his art
  • His NFT “Fame”  is on sale for  42,330 ETH (guess in $)

Data is based on Q1 2021...

Let’s get to know him  a bit better:

Me: One of you favourite books is “Psycho-sybernetics”. I am curious what is
your self-image and how it has changed in the last years?
Jack: I’m a self confessed "recovering pessimist", the last few years have turned
me into a paranoid optimist.

Me: How you would describe your default state of mind?
Jack: Probably a bit restless, constantly wanting to make new things.

Me: I noticed that despite all the success you manage to stay humble. How do you do that?
Jack: I'm embarrassed by most of the work I did a year ago, and that pattern has held for as long as I can remember

Me: I never saw you complaining. Do you ever complain? If so, about what and to whom?
Jack: I used to complain a lot hence the pessimist moniker, when I started running my own business I realised it did precisely zero for me (actually very net negative) so I stopped.

Me: How do you deal with self-doubt?
Jack: Make more stuff

Me: What 3 things you would like to teach Ford (his son) that nobody taught you?
1/ No one owes you anything.
2/ Process is more important than outcome.
3/ Relationships > transactions.

Me: Where does your confidence come from?
Jack:  Making stuff - meeting deadlines under pressure, finding creative angles to convey ideas, all comes down to practice.

Me: What role meditation has played in your life?
Jack: I practiced for a while, but not currently doing much. It works well when I  stick to it.

Me: Finish the sentence. It all comes down to…
Jack: Trying again

My key takeaways from this interview:

1. No one owes you anything

2. Turn yourself from pessimist to paranoid optimist

3. Complaining doesn't help. Stop doing it.

4. Process is more important than outcome

5. To feel confident -> make more stuff, practice.

6. Relationship > transactions

7. Try again

You can find Jack on Twitter