Some interesting facts about Julien:

  • Founding CEO of "Breather". Raised 120 $ mln for it.
  • Founder +CEO of Practice
  • Executive coach.
  • NYT bestselling author.
  • The book "Flinch" was written in collaboration with Seth Godin's project Domino.

Let's get to know him a bit better as he was kind to share answer on some of my questions.

How would you describe your mindset?

Positive or negative, depending on the day. I just try to accept the state of mind that I'm in and try to move from there. I'm good at making the beginning of my day positive. And that lets me do the best that I can every day.

I have bad days like everybody else has, it doesn't always end well, but I am always really good at beginning them well.

What role self-awareness has played in your success?

It is obviously, quite a self-sabotage in some cases because you're so self-conscious, you're not sure if you're good enough to do ABC versus someone who's just super arrogant in an insane way.

I would say that more often.

It has been a good thing for me because it led me to be aware of how I can self-correct

How do you practice Self-awareness?

I used to meditate a lot. I don't do it that much anymore.

What is going on in your mind when things don't go the way you planned?

It'll be something like, Oh shit, I got more work to do.

What makes someone a good coach?

Sometimes it's self-awareness. Sometimes it's just business sense. The ability to keep the client 100% in mind and just focus on them for that time, that hour, or whatever it is. And then take that and dedicate yourself to helping that person succeed.

What makes someone a bad coach?

Someone who takes advantage of people is one of them. Someone who lies about how good they are, and someone who just can't help someone make progress.

And, when someone is a good coach for someone might be a bad coach for someone else, it depends. You're going to coach for someone at a particular time in your life.

If someone wants to make a breakthrough in personal development, instead of incremental, how would you approach it to help?

I don't know that breakthroughs can happen by design. I think the objective for the breakthroughs is just to try and examine your blind spots as much as possible.

Coaching helps with  examining our blind spots. It's a really big part of that and  involves having mentors around you. Sometimes they say things that you don't like, but even if they say things that you don't like keeping people around you that are  not  your “yes man” is very valuable.

I would say that's a big thing.

What's your favourite coaching question?

I don't know if I have a favourite coaching question, I always spend time focusing on the person and asking them what they're, what they're feeling at any given moment and why, what is their biggest priority, and just focus on what their biggest priorities are.

How do you see the future of coaching?

The coaching and teaching and consulting and all those things are just really good ways of teaching other people things. I think that it is an undiscovered lens through which people can look at the world and say, Oh, what can I teach someone? And a lot of that stuff that I'm compelled by is the idea that someone has a ton of information inside the brain, but it's really locked up and they don't have a mechanism to teach it to other people.

Some people do it, like the one who produces stuff on YouTube, right. Or whatever. But in a lot of cases, the stuff that they are good at remains locked up and that is the stuff that I'm really interested in, in the long term.

Complete sentence. It all comes down to ...

It all comes down to learn as much as possible and trying to be as humble as you can be.

No matter how far you've gone and no matter what you've gone through, get back in the saddle and get some more work done.

How  raising 120 $ million  for your company has changed you?

It has given me the ability to understand the ambition of something. People who are just ambitious can go out and they can do crazy things if they just present it to the right people and presented it the right way and with the right confidence.

Having the right team around you is a big part of it too. I would say that it has raised my standards for what a person can do in a short period of time.

Few points that I took for myself are:

  • Importance of raising your own standards and bring confidence to the table.
  • Start your day well and move from there.
  • Regardless what you have achieved keep yourself humble.
  • Examine your blindspots and surround yourself with people that can tell you truth.
  • If you want to coach someone focus 100% on that person and help them succeed.

Check his  new venture  Practice  that helps to launch and manage coaching service.

You can find him on  Twitter and on

P.S. By accident I found very interesting post he wrote in 2014 which seems  similar to someones book that was written later 🤔

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