This  Stoic practice is designed to provide a catalyst for change towards becoming an ideal human being. Of course, this is a never-ending quest.

And here is the paradox. On one hand you should feel enough with yourself and who you are in the present and be grateful for what you already have but at the same time strive to be even better.

There are probably situations in life where the way who you are does not allow you to handle it in the  best way.

This is exactly where contemplation on ideal self can be helpful.

So find a place where you won’t be distracted.

Settle in a comfortable posture.

Take a few conscious   deep breaths


Notice the air going through your nostrils, expanding chest and belly.


Follow your breath as it comes in.. and out...

You can make a mental note and say In for every inhale and out for every exhale





Continue on you own

If you are distracted that’s ok just return to the breath.

As you follow  your breath you might notice the sense of ease, calm, and well-being. Feeling the peace in the stillness of the room.

Now bring to mind your current identity.…. see  what character traits  can describe you best…

Notice your natural strength….

Or  things that might  be not so natural for you…

Recall how you behave in different situations….

Don’t judge yourself as good or bad..

See yourself as who you are….

It might be hard to look at yourself objectively…

See if you can look at  yourself from a third person view.


This helps  to draw the baseline  of your current identity state before defining the ideal you.

In fact today, you are who your past self believed you could become. Tomorrow, you will be who your current self believes you can become.

Now imagine how the ideal identity of you would look like…,  how it will behave in the world….

Might be someone  without any anxiety, confident in responding to every situation that occurs. Never getting upset when somebody is arguing. Doesn’t react to negativity. Forgive quickly, not envois to others, not afraid of the future and  in full control of emotions. Someone acting with courage and responsibility…. And shaping  value in service  for others….

Continue on your own to describe  your ideal identity.

As a helpful reference point you might bring someone to mind as  your role model. Could be Budhha, Marcus Aurellious, Nelson Mandela  or someone else.

You can even take the best of their identities and combine in one person in your  imagined ideal self.

If you are facing  certain situation  that seems too hard to figure out the best way forward for your current identity then think how the  ideal you or your role model would handle it.

What would they do in your place?



Now see  yourself merging  with this identity….

Once you  merge you  might feel differently...

Seal this image and feeling in your mind

Remember  that right goals will help you  shape your identity and the other way around right identity makes it much easy to achieve the outcome of your goals.

Just aim to be  1% better every day towards that ideal self.

As you get better you will create new baseline