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Atomic interview with Bold people

Interview with Dickie Bush
by Mikhail Nikonorov — 2 min read

Interview with Dickie Bush

I wanted to be named All-Ivy my senior year of football. Played well but missed by a few votes. Learned that the difference between achievement and failure can be razor-thin. Everything you do matters.

Interview with Nicolas Cole

Interview with Nicolas Cole

Mikhail Nikonorov — 5 min read

When I look back at my writing from 10 years ago, or 5 years ago, or even 3, 2, or 1 year ago, I can see refinement and evolution of clarity. If you're practicing intentionally, you get better over time.

Interview with Jack Butcher

Interview with Jack Butcher

Mikhail Nikonorov — 2 min read

Jack grew his Twitter account to >100k and Instagram > 200k Earned 1 mln $ in 2020 and build strong community In 2021 he “rocks” with NFT sales of his art His NFT “Fame” is on sale for 42,330 ETH (guess in $)

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