There is a great meditation where you ask yourself this question time after time and tell yourself that I am not the mind, I am not the body, I am not the husband and etc... You are all of this collectively and beyond that.

But to simplify for now, hey, I am Mikhail

I won't say that I am NY bestselling author, serial entrepreneur or some one with PhD and blah, blah simply because I am not 😁.

Or simply not yet. Not interested in PhD  though.

Here I am on the journey to learn by  writing, thinking, creating and exploring the possibilities of human mind and what it's capable of. Whether  it's building billion dollar company, wining olympics,  building relationship and much more.

Making sense of ourselves and the world around us.

Life is complex on it's surface and simple at it's core.

Understanding this helps to focus on fundamentals and ignore the staff that goes on the surface. Most of it happens in our  mind imagination.

At the end of the day everything comes down to our mind. We don't see it, we can not touch it, but we know it's there. It creates all the magic around us.

For  many years I've been practicing martial arts, meditation and philosophy and still consider myself a student of life and on the quest of self-mastery.

Here  you can read my experience with meditation and how it changed me.

Join me on this journey where I will share:

  • Stories of timeless wisdom
  • Biography stories of Bold people
  • Meditation practices
  • Books summaries
  • Tools for your mind
  • Thought experiments
  • Mental frameworks
  • Interesting science
  • Interview with some  interesting people I met
  • and more

Let's  learn together and get better.

You can also download the Bold app on AppStore and start rewiring your mind and  move towards your goals more efficiently and calmly.